How do I invite contacts to Infinit?

There are 4 ways to invite friends, family members, colleagues, clients or any other people to Infinit.

File transfer to an email address

You can send files to a non-Infinit users by entering his or her email address via the send screen on any of Infinit's apps.

Your recipient will receive an email inviting him or her to download the files. 

If your recipient decides to receive the transfer through the app by creating an account, you will be credited with a referral and 1GB of extra link storage, and your recipient will receive 500MB of additional storage.

File transfer to a phone number

When using Infinit on a mobile device, you can also send files to a phone number. Your recipient will receive a SMS with a link to retrieve the file.

Files shared to a phone number require signing up via the Infinit iOS or Android app. Clicking the link in the SMS will redirect your recipient to the app store where he or she can download and install the app, then create an account.

ou will be credited with a referral and 1GB of extra link storage, and your recipient will receive 500MB of additional storage.

Referral link

When you log into your account, you will be able to locate your referral link under the Referrals section in your profile.

Plain invitation

You can also log into your account in order to send one-off invitations without sending a file. To do so, click the Invite Friends option from the Referral section of your profile and enter a contact's email address.

An invitation email will be sent to your contact. When they click the link in the email and proceed to create an account on Infinit, you will be rewarded 1GB of extra link storage, and y
our recipient will receive 500MB of additional storage.

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