Why are my transfers slow?

Transfers can be slow for several reasons, but generally this is due to your network conditions.

Internet Connection

In order to test your connection speed, open www.speedtest.net, and begin a test. If you are receiving a file, your download speed will indicate the expected speed of your transfer. If you are sending, the upload speed would serve as the correct benchmark.

Once you are sure about your speed, you can check the expected transfer time for your files by entering your transfer size and speed here. if this differs from how long you expect your transfer to take, please contact support from the Settings menu of your app by selecting 'Report a Problem.'

Mobile Data and 3G

3G networks are often significantly slower than WiFi networks. For several reasons, mobile networks in general can be unstable. If you are transferring over 3G, please try to connect to a 4G/LTE or WiFi network to see if this has an impact on your transfer speed.


Many WiFi networks operate around a 2GHz frequency range. If your WiFi network is one of many in a crowded WiFi zone such as an urban office building or an apartment building, it's possible that your WiFi network suffers from stability problems and data packet loss. 

You can try connecting to a wired LAN or changing the frequency of your WiFi network to 5GHz in order to improve its stability.

"Cloud Buffering"

At the moment, when you send a transfer to another user, but your recipient does not accept the transfer, Infinit will temporarily store a part of the transfer (or in some cases, the entire transfer) in the cloud until the recipient accepts. 

In the case your recipient accepts in the middle of this process, they will first connect to the cloud to retrieve parts of the transfer from there first, then connect to the senders device to complete the download. Because of this, a transfer may take longer than if the recipient immediately connects to the sender. 

We will be improving the way Infinit prioritizes the parts of the transfer, progressively.

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