How do I send files and folders on Windows?

There are 2 ways of sending files on Windows. Each of these was conceived to serve a wide variety of contexts based on how you use your PC.

Open and Drop

First, from your system tray, at the bottom right of your screen, open the app to the main view, which lists your transfer history.

Click the airplane icon at the bottom right corner of the window. The window will change to the send view, from which you can select your recipients. This view allows you to drag and drop as many files and folder into the transfer as you would like. You can open Windows Explorer and drag files one- or many-at-a-time into the Infinit window.

Note, that at the moment, this is the only way to add folders to a transfer on Windows.

The window will remain open while you access other applications on your PC, letting you add as much content as you want.

After you have selected all of your recipients, click the airplane icon at the bottom right of the window to start your transfer.

Right Click

The easiest way to send a file with Infinit for Windows is by using the right click contextual menu. Right click any file or folder, and in the contextual menu that appears, select the option to Send with Infinit.

The Infinit send view will open above the status bar bar icon. You can continue to add files and folders or select your recipient.

When you have added all of your content to the transfer, and after selecting your recipients, click the airplane icon to send the files.

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